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Thank you for visiting Fashion and Shoes for you 🙂

In addition to being a Friendly Fashionista, I own a successful freelance writing business. These are just some of the services I offer:

  • Instructional Design
    • Lesson and course creation, trainee handouts, “train the trainer” programs
  • Guest Blogging
    • I can blog on a variety of topics. My loves are education, shoes, fashion, fangirling and tattoos, but I am an experienced researcher who can whip up a post that will get eyeballs on pages, no matter what the topic.
  • Writing Instruction-In my day job, I am a certified English teacher. I can teach from anywhere-I have only ever taught at a virtual school! Where have I been all your life?
  • Proofreading, editing, developmental editing
  • ALT text for images (check out all the examples on this site)

I also enjoy reviewing books, music, beauty and shoe care products, and movies. I will review your product on my main site in exchange for a free sample!

Here are several ways to get in touch with me and learn more about my services:


Main Website: Custom Learning Design

Stevie Love on Twitter